Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Auster and Cessna 120: 1956- 1958

While on the sailboat previously mentioned I visited P.J. Macdonough and his wife in England, where he was working.    PJ, a fellow engineer from Greenland, was great as a man, an engineer, and a father, and here in 2014 I miss him.   He had been shot down in the War and survived German imprisonment.  We rented a little British-made Auster, and flew it across the Channel to France, Belgium and back.  I vividly remember the huge horizontal figures south of London made millenia ago by stripping off soil to expose the white chalk that extends to the chalky White Cliffs of Dover.

I bought an Ercoupe in Kilgore, Texas, and flew it to Smitty's operation in Grand Prarie.  He swapped it for a Cessna 120 (like a Cessna 140 without flaps), which I flew to Maine in late 1957.   I flew it some in Maine, and sold it the next year.  I didn't own or pilot a plane again for 7 years.